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Numerical Simulation Technology

Numerical Simulation Technology

R&D of Numerical Simulation Technology
- Aerospace Project Simulation Support Team -

ln collaboration with experts of numerical simulations within and without JAXA, high-end numerical simulations are carried out to solve technical issues, or to streamline the development process in JAXA projects. Also, JAXA is working for the advancement of liquid rocket engine design analysis technology to help better understand the phenomena occurring inside liquid rocket engines, and to streamline quantitative risk evaluation and design of liquid rocket engine systems.

Application of Numerical Simulation Technology to Space Development
- Team for Utilization of Simulation Technology -

Numerical simulation technology is currently recognized as one of three methods in the field of natural science, while the others are theory and experiment. The objectives of this team are 1) developing innovative methodology for space engineering utilizing numerical simulations for physical phenomena, such as fluid dynamics and 2) applying them to actual projects as well as research and development. We are now working on four selected topics based on impact and reliability.

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