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2014/1/15 - 1/17

11th Workshop of Critical Software Systems(11thWOCS2)

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General Information

The 11th Workshop of Critical Software System will be held from January 15 (Wed.) through 17 (Fri.) in 2014. We are accepting applications for technical sessions. Further details about the workshop will be announced on this website.

About WOCS2

The Workshop of Critical Software Systems (WOCS2) is a workshop held by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA).

WOCS2 has been held by JAXA, focusing on technologies and processes concerning development, operation and maintenance of mission-critical software in the fields of aerospace, medical, railroad, automobile industry, etc..  It has been providing opportunities for technical experts and researchers to exchange information across the boundaries of industrial fields and that of industry, academia and government. Concerning reliability and safety of software system, WOCS2 plays an important role as a forum to discuss how we should develop reliable and safe embedded software systems or systems related to social infrastructure.

Recently, it is pointed out that compromised security may cause a system accident as well as compromise of information regarding systems having access to outside information like a vehicle control system. The sub-theme of this 11th WOCS2 is “Fusion system for Safety and Security”. Security is added to the usual topics of safety and reliability. We will discuss how we realize a secure and safe software system.

We offer a technical seminar of Software IV&V (Independent Verification and Validation) for the first time, and have keynote speeches, invited speeches and technical sessions as usual. We look forward to your participation.

Technical Session We welcome presentations relating to safety, reliability or security by technical experts and researchers in any industrial fields. The due date for submission of abstract is September 20 (Fri.), 2013.Please refer to this document for more details.PDF
Date from January 15 (Wed.) through 17 (Fri.) in 2014
Venue Sola City Conference Center Open another window
Program Day 1: January 15 (Wed.) Technical Seminar (Software IV&V)
Program(Japanese Version only)PDF
Day 2: January 16 (Thu.) Opening Announcement, Keynote Speech, Invited Speech
Day 3: January 17 (Fri.) Technical Sessions Program(Japanese Version only)
Program(Japanese Version only)PDF
Opening Speech Dr. Takaaki Matsumoto, President, Software Reliability Enhancement Center, IPA
Keynote Speakers Dr. Mario Tokoro, Founder & Executive Advisor, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.
"DEOS: Achieving Dependability of Huge, Complex, and Ever-Changing Systems"
Mr. Kazuhide Shinoda, Vice President of Product Assurance Department, Engineering Division, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation
"Safety and Development Assurance Process for Civil Aircraft"
Prof. Seiichi Shin, President, Control System Security Center (CSSC) / Professor of the University of Electro-Communications
"Activity for Control System Security in Japan"
Invited Speakers Dr. Edward Smith, Principal Consultant, Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
"Safety Assessment Method for Flight Operation System. 〜 Lessons from "RNP AR approaches" to Haneda Airport."
Dr. Manabu Nakano, Research Scientist, Information-technology SEcurity Center (ISEC), Technology Headquarters, IPA
"Approaches for Embedded System Security 〜Case Study of a Connected Vehicle 〜"
Dr. Kenji Taguchi, President, CAV Technologies Co., Ltd. / Invited Senior Research Scientist, Research Institute for Secure Systems, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
"Engineering Approach towards Hybrid Certification"
Technical Seminar Registration has been closed.
A seminar about techniques of Software Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) of JAXA. Program is available now.


Reception January 16 (Thu.) at Sola City Conference Center
Reception Fee: 2,000yen-3,000yen
(We look forward to your participation.)
Hosts JAXA’s Engineering Digital Innovation Center, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Software Reliability Enhancement Center, Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA)
- INCOSE Japan Chapter
- NPO Association of Software Test Engineering (ASTER)
- NPO Society of Embedded Software Skill Acquisition for Managers and Engineers (SESSAME)
- The Association of Dependability Engineering for Open Systems (DEOS Association)
- Japan Embedded System Technology (JASA)
- Japan Information Technology Service Industry Association (JISA)
- Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE)
- Skills Management Association (SMA)
- Smart System Verification and Validation Technology Association (SVA)
- Control System Security Center (CSSC)
- Japan SPI Consortium (JASPIC)
- Nippon SPICE Network (NSPICE.NET)
- Software Engineers Association (SEA)
- Automotive Embedded System Industry Forum (ASIF)
- Yokohama Smart Community
Mr. Masafumi Katahira (JEDI/JAXA)
Dr. Kiichiro Tamaru (SEC/IPA)
◆Program Chair
Dr. Kiyoshi Ogawa (Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute)
◆Program Committee
Mr. Tomoo Matsubara (former IEEE Software editor)
Mr. Nobuyasu Suzumura (Aishin Seiki/ASIF)
Mr. Hisayoshi Adachi (Denso)
Mr. Osamu Inagaki (Tokai Rika)
Mr. Fumiaki Kono (Advics/NSPCIE.NET)
Mr. Satoshi Fushimi (Sofdera/JISA)
Mr. Yukihiko Akasaka (NTT Data)
Dr. Hideto Ogasawara (Toshiba)
Mr. Susumu Sasabe (JUSE)
Mr. Katsutoshi Shintani (Shintani IT consultant)
Mr. Hiroshi Monden (JASA)
Dr. Hiroaki Takada (Nagoya Univ./TOPPERS)
Dr. Seikou Shirasaka (Keio Univ./INCOSE)
Dr. Hironori Washizaki (Waseda Univ.)
Dr. Yasuharu Nishi (Univ. of Electro-Communications/ASTER/SESSAME)
Dr. Seiichi Shin (Univ. of Electro-Communications/CSSC)
Mr. Kazunari Tabuchi (Business Cube & Partners,Inc.)
Mr. Yoshikazu Hayashi (SRA)
Mr. Tsutomu Kojima (DNV)
Mr. Daichi Mizuguchi (Atelier)
Mr. Yoshinao Isobe (AIST)
Mr. Akio Arakawa (IPA/SEC)
Mr. Ryo Ujiie (JAXA)
Ms. Naoko Okubo (JAXA)

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