Work-Life Support and Diversity Office


Support System

JAXA performs its missions, such as in developing, launching, operating experimentally, and utilizing rockets, satellites, the international space station, and others, in units of projects or teams. In recent years, both our male and female employees are performing their duties in such projects or teams, facing their own life events, such as raising children and nursing family members.
Such life events tend to overlap with busy periods at work. In cases where one needs to take leave or reduce working hours, the transfer of workload to other members in the same team or group becomes inevitable, thus placing one under enormous strain, or compelling one to hesitate from leaving and feel uncomfortable.
To reduce such burdens, we will establish a research support system, where support staff members are placed in the research teams, etc., of the employee in the midst an important life event. In this way, the R&D capabilities are maintained at their best as much as possible.
In concrete terms, we will place support staff members, consisting of doctoral students and/or postdoctoral researchers, in a researcher’s working environment or his/her R&D team that requires working long hours, such as tracking management, satellite operations, and biological experiments.