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Work-Life Balance

What is work-life balance (balance between work and life)?

Definition (from the website of the Cabinet Office):

Work-life balance is defined as follows by the Charter of Work-Life Balance (Cabinet Office).

The following is the definition of a society where a healthy work-life balance is realized:
“In a society where all citizens find their work rewarding and are able to assume responsibility at work, as well as in their family and community life, citizens can select/realize a variety of ways to live their life at each stage of life, such as the period of child rearing and middle age.”

Specifically, the above definition indicates the following:

  • (1) A society where people can obtain economic independence by working.
  • (2) A society where people can set aside sufficient time in pursuit of a healthy and productive life.
  • (3) A society where people can choose the way to live their life and perform their work.

According to the Report on the Basic Direction of the Promotion for Work-Life Balance (Expert Examination Committee on Work-Life Balance, Council on Gender Equality held in July 2007.), the definition is as follows:
“A condition where every man and woman of all ages can expand various activities, such as working, family life, community life, and self-development, in accordance with his/her desired balance.”

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