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Summary of Childcare Support System provided by JAXA

Support System for Childcare Available for Male Employees

Subsidy system for expenses for babysitters associated with childcare during sickness and recovery

Leave Before and After Childbirth: Example of Childcare Leave

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One-off Payment for Childbirth (Article 101 and Article 106 of the Health Insurance Act)

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Benefits Granted by Municipalities

Results of past activities

We plan to invite childcare specialists to hold childcare seminars and exchange meetings for employees. By exchanging childcare information, we help employees resolve childcare anxieties and maintain a good balance between work and parenting.

Results of past activities

General Information on Childcare

To maintain a good balance between work and parenting, there may be a need to utilize institutions and personnel who accept and look after children during work hours. In most cases, parents leave their children with a nursery school (day-care center for children) so they can work. However, there are many more institutions and services that support parents, such as certified children centers, facilities combining kindergarten and nursery school, kindergartens, childcare givers, babysitters, and family support. It is important to select the service that seems most suitable for your way of working, your childcare needs, your family circumstances, and your communities.

References: Brochures are issued by the Department of Support for Children, Department of Education for Children, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; the City of Sagamihara; the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare; and the Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health, Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

What Are Nursery Schools and Day-Care Centers for Children?

Types of Nursery Schools

Other Facilities and Childcare Services Schools

Sick and Recovering Child Care

Regional Information and Consultation Services

Cases for Work and Childcare Balance:

Case 1 : Mrs. H., who works for the head office of the Satellite Applications Mission Directorate I (Updated July 1, 2014)

Case 2 : N, (Male), Finance Division (Updated September 1, 2014)

Case 3 : K, (Male), Space Technology Department (Updated August 1, 2015)