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Support for Long-term Care

JAXA’s Support System

Paid Care Leave

Working Hours

Long Term Care Leave (unpaid)

Receiving Benefits

Employees who have been approved for long term care leave can receive a “long term care benefit” from employment insurance.

Long term care Benefit
If the employee is insured by employment insurance and has worked for more than 11 days per month in 12 months during the two-year period prior to starting long term care leave, the employee is entitled to receive a maximum of 40% of his/her salary. An application must be made to the Public Employment Security Office (also popularly known as “Hello Work”) within 10 days after commencing long term care leave.

Consultation Service

JAXA has a childcare and long-term care advisor (a certified social worker) with whom employees can consult on matters concerning child and/or long term care, and who can provide information on JAXA’s support system, long-term care services of the local districts, and advice on how to use them by e-mail, phone, or in person.

Seminar and Information Exchange Meeting on Long-term Care

JAXA is organizing a seminar inviting long term care experts, and meetings to facilitate the exchange of information between employees who are presently caring a family member, employees who possibly face future long term care responsibilities, and employees who already have experienced the issue. JAXA supports employees who have worries and anxieties about long term care by promoting the exchange of information to resolve their worries and help them to achieve a balance between work and long-term care.

Wednseday, October 7, 2015 Long-Term Care Seminar for staff was held.
Venue: Tsukuba (main), Sagamihara, Tokyo, Chofu, Chofu Branch, Kakuda, Uchinoura, Tanegashima
Participants (Staff, Related parties): 98
Monday, October 27, 2014 Long-Term Care Seminar for staff was held.
Venue: Tsukuba (main), Sagamihara, Tokyo, Chofu, Chofu Branch, Kakuda
Participants (Staff): 24

General Information on Long-term Care

Long-term Care in Japan

Long-Term Care Insurance System

Types of Long-Term Care Services

How to be a Recipient of Long-Term Care

Procedure for Using LTC services

Introducing the Comprehensive Local Support Center

Cases for Work and Elderly/Long-Term Care Balance

Case 1: S (Female), New Projects Promotion Center and Gender Equality Office (Updated August 1, 2014)