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Organizational Chart and Summary of Business


JAXA business offices are spread throughout Japan according to the type of business and purpose. Each office has its own system, protocols, and duties for its employees. For this reason, a needs survey was made for all of the female researchers at JAXA. Based on our analysis of the results, we will promote the following measures as specific activities.

(1) Improving the free-from-anxiety environment for childbirth, childcare, and nursing

Allocation of supporters: Make use of a support system for childcare and nursing. Avoid turnover that is due to any life event. Maintain the high performance of teams and individuals. Provide support equally for all employees.

(2) Ensuring a healthy work?life balance through reviewing work protocols

Establish and make use of a support system for working and reinstatement with high needs. Promote the PDCA cycle based on the objective indices and analysis of the results of the awareness survey.

(3) Enhancing and exercising researchers’ capabilities for research development and organizational management

Make use of a mentor system and global networking. Make use of seminars for skills improvement.

(4) Increasing recruitment and further promotion of female researchers; enhancing enlightenment and awareness

Encourage positive actions by promoting adherence to a “goal and time table.” Encourage employees to participate in decision making. Hold seminars.

(5) Identifying the role models for female employees and expanding their interactions with female college students and graduates

Maximize the home page on the website and SNS platforms. Hold seminars. Offer counseling for career development. For details, please visit the following website.

(6) Promoting internal and external collaboration; creating a network for mutual collaboration

Ensure inter-office sharing of information. Share the best practices.