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Numerical Targets and Statistical Information

Survey Results

Investigate employees' attitudes and needs related to gender equality, and provide effective support.

Numerical targets for the “Program to Support Research Activities of Female Researchers (Organization based)” for FY 2013 through to FY 2015.

Numerical Targets Measures
Targets of recruitment and promotion
Percentage of active female workers: more than 12% Improve the ratio of recruitment and turnover
Percentage in recruitment: more than 18% Principle of “Give priority to female applicants whose capabilities match those of male applicants”
Advertise the availability of support in the work environment and corporate system. Devise better methods for open recruitment.
Recruitment of teaching staff (no recruitment at present) Devise better methods for recruitment and screening.
Reduce the rate of turnover that is due to the burdens of childcare and nursing to zero. Prepare a support system and provide comprehensive information.
Improve research and development capabilities.
Bolster competitive research funds by more than twice. Increase the number of paper submission by more than half.
Strengthen the training system. Improve the mentor system, seminars, and other initiatives.