Work-Life Support and Diversity Office


From the Director

JAXA established the "Work-Life Support and Diversity Office" in April 2016.
Although the name Work-Life Support and Diversity Office sounds strange, its activities aim to "promote women in the workplace" and "correspond to the diversified working styles of employees."
The first, to promote women in the workplace, follows the direction set by the office’s predecessor, the "Gender Equality Office" which was active until the end of fiscal year 2015 (March 2016), by continuously focusing on activities aimed at achieving the goals outlined in the action plan based on "The Act on the promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace."
The second activity, namely to correspond to the diversified working styles of employees, has two objectives. One is to realize work-life balance. That is, to become an organization capable of adapting to diversified working styles according to employees' life cycles and not overwhelming them with work. The other is to create an adequate environment as a research organization that can maximize results by eliminating unnecessary work, thus enabling employees to focus on more relevant work.
Our aim is to create a workplace where everyone can work without difficulty, accept diversity, and help each other at work, and as a result, share the exciting results born from it. We hope to develop such a system, put it to good use, and change the conventional mindset of society.

Director Hiroko Mukai